Restorative Dental Services

Our CDT dental laboratory supplies clinicians with high-caliber components and value-added restorative dental services.

Custom Shading

Complete patient satisfaction revolves around three core factors: comfort, functionality, and appearance. In addition to our design and product lines, we provide doctors with custom shading services. Under your prescription, patients visit our dental lab for a detailed color match. Our technicians then map out the colors present in the final restoration. With the restorative product of choice, Crystal Dental matches the patient’s natural dentition.
Custom Shading Restorative Dental Services
Intraoral Scans for Restorative Dental Services

Intraoral Scans

Digital dentistry is transforming restorative dental services and the industry as a whole. Intraoral scans are quickly replacing traditional impressions because of the speed and accuracy digital dentistry can offer. Our lab at Crystal Dental proudly features the latest version of top performing dental technologies. From Sirona inEos Scan with inLab to the 3shape E4 scanner, we can process external CAD data or capture the most accurate digitization work.

Pressable and Milling Services

When choosing between pressable and milled options, the best solution lies in the case specifications and patient prescription. Whether it’s the translucency from pressable lithium disilicate or the strength from milling zirconia oxide, pressable dental ceramics and milled dental restorations both offer unique benefits. Collaborate with our experienced dental technicians to determine the service that is most beneficial for your patient.
Pressable and Milling Services

Send Intraoral Scans With
Sirona Connect or Trios

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