Implant Restoration

For high-quality dental implant restoration, Crystal Dental's team of technicians mill custom abutments designed for each patient's crest structure.

Custom Abutments Implants

We mill custom abutments to precise positions depending on the crest of the tissue. Often, stock implant abutments just aren’t the best option because each patient’s mouth is different. With custom abutments, there are countless options including titanium and zirconia. Ensure an ideal restoration with anatomical profiles that match with our soft tissue-supporting, custom abutments.
Custom Abutments Implant Restoration
Atlantis Abutments Implant Restoration

Atlantis Abutments

Virtual Atlantic Design brings a cutting-edge technology to enhance abutment performance for every type of patient. Atlantic Abutments are designed based on the final tooth shape, allowing the abutment to collaborate seamlessly with the final crown. Natural in appearance yet extraordinary in function, Atlantis Abutments are changing dental labs and practices nationwide.

Hand-Crafted Crowns

Crystal Dental has a reputation among the dental community for our esthetics in anterior region restorations. Our dental crowns are fostered with three tools: distilled water, a paint brush, and a rotary handpiece. With material options including PFM, E Max, and PFZ, we craft by-hand meticulously layered dental crowns. Then, the pieces undergo firing, shaping, fitting, and contouring with keen attention to detail for a truly custom dental crown.
Hand-Crafted Crowns - Implant Restoration

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