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We built our reputation for quality restorations by incorporating state-of-the-art technology in our daily processes. Send us your intraoral scans via Sirona connect or Trios.

Dentsply Sirona inLab MCX5

The Sirona inLab MC X5 features 5-axis production to meet universal dental lab specifications. Cost-efficient, the inLab MC X5 wet/dry production unit grants our technicians autonomy when considering the material they will use. With a variety of indications, from CAD processing to preparation angles, the capabilities of the inLab MC X5 are always expanding. 
Key Features
• Wet or Dry Production
• Internal CAM module for flexible connection to CAD systems
• 5-axis machining for optimum precision
With both wet and dry productivity, Crystal Dental incorporates the Sirona inLab MC X5 for even the most complex cases. For example, featuring the top of the line Sirona mill, we commonly use the inLab MC X5 for wet processing of full-contour restorations. With continuous software updates, the inLab technology is always finding ways to improve itself for the benefit of dental labs and providers everywhere.
Dentsply Sirona inLab MCX5
inEos X5

Dentsply Sirona inEos X5 Scanner with Sirona Connect

Crystal Dental can receive impressions or intraoral scans through Sirona Connect. With the highest level of quality measuring systems, the inEos X5 is known in the dental industry as “The Reference Scanner.” Digital dentistry is continuously rising to the next level with astounding accuracy found in the inEos X5 Sirona scanners.
Key Features
• 5-Axis intelligent scanning
• Open data export for freedom of materials
• Exceptional accuracy of 2.1 µm
The inEos X5 Scanner with inLab eliminates the step of the model work, making for an overall more efficient process. Crystal Dental can cut down on our turn-around time and provide restorations of superior quality by utilizing the latest InEos X5 Sirona scanning technology.

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Sirona Connect or Trios

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3Shape E4 Scanner

The latest in 3 Shape technology, the E4 Scanner, is anything but ordinary. Doubling the speed, accuracy, and camera count of 3 Shape’s former model, the E4 produces a full-arch scan in only 9 seconds.
Key Features
• Scanning accuracy of 4 microns for the superior results
• Featuring 4 cameras for time-efficiency
• High-definition, 5MP cameras with enhanced sensors
We can design both custom implants and fixed restorations using 3 Shape’s state-of-the art scanner. Based on the restoration prescription, the E4 scanner is primarily involved in two processes. One, our team receives your impression, crafts the gypsum model, and trims the dye. Next, we scan and design the model using the 3 Shape software. Alternatively, we scan the impression itself and begin the design. The E4 can even combine impression and die at the same time. Regardless of your preference, every final design undergoes our quality check, ensuring a perfect fit on the model.
3Shape Device
3L 3D Printer

Formlabs 3L 3D Printing

Formslabs 3L 3D Printer eliminates the need to outsource models, cutting down on time involved. Instead, we print intraoral scans using the Formlabs 3D printing. Featuring two staggered light processing units and a parabolic mirror, the 3L 3D printer optimizes laser paths for clean features and dependable precision.
Key Features
• Exceptional part quality including 25μm XY resolution and 250 mW laser power
• Closed-loop calibration and optical sensors ensure accurate, to scale models
• Stereolithography 3D printing enables intricate detail and an exceptional finish
Our team keeps it in-house to offer dental providers convenient turnarounds on dental restoration cases. With Formlabs 3L 3D printer, we are able to develop exceptionally accurate models with consideration for time restraints. Without the need to outsource and dependable 3D dental printing, our technicians are left with time to create custom restorations that meet exact specifications for flawless final outcomes.

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