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Providing full-service dentistry products for over 35 years with the latest technology, reliability through refined processes, and a team of experts.
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  • Crystal Dental Lab is efficient and reliable, the best around. We’ve been working with the Crystal Dental Team for over 20 years and they’ve been a crucial part of our growth and success. The team is well-trained and the leader in Dental practices and technology.”
    Dr. anthony Salem 
    co-Owner of Summit Dentistry

Process and Technology

Crystal Dental combines in-depth industry knowledge and the latest technological advances. Our deep understanding of restoration products allows us to craft high-quality solutions. We’ve established a reputation for leading anterior restorations because of our keen attention to detail and high-quality materials. From Katana zirconia to Sirona inEOS X5, our process involves the best resources in the industry.

Sirona inLab MC X5

Featuring a 5-axis production unit, the inLab MC X5 not only meets, but exceeds the expectations of dental laboratories. Adding efficiency to the overall dental restoration process, inLab MC X5 is cost-efficient and dependable. Quickly and accurately processing external CAD data, this technology allows creativity in material selection.
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X5 Scan

Sirona inEos X5 Scan with inLab

Precise, universal, and convenient, Sirona eliminates the timely step of model work by receiving intraoral scans and processing each design. Earning a reputation within the industry as “The Referance Scanner,” The inEos X5 offers the highest level of accuracy. In turn, allowing our dental technicians to produce their best work yet.
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3Shape E4 Scanner

Crystal Dental designs both fixed restorations and custom implants using 3Shape E4. The E4 is the latest innovation in 3Shape scanners, working with double the capabilities of its predecessor. Combine precision and speed with 4-micron accuracy and four well-placed 5 MP camera sensors. Superior image clarity just got faster.
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3Shape Device Image
3L 3D Printer

Formlabs Form 3L 3D Printer

Bring in-house productivity to the next level with dependable 3-D printing. The Formlabs Form 3L 3D Printer captures the most intricate details to create custom restoration solutions to scale for a precise and comfortable design. With massive build volume capabilities, Formlabs provides unparalleled value and quick turnaround.
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Crystal Dental Lab

For the last 35 years, Crystal Dental has been providing innovative dental restorations and services using the industry’s leading technology. Partnering with Crystal Dental takes the guesswork out of product quality and sourcing. From crowns to bridges and zirconia to PFM, we craft aesthetic, durable, and affordably-priced restorations. Feel confident in your case expectations with Crystal Dental Lab and our full-service dental lab.
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